Knob-Style Captive Fastener Provides Tool-Free Access

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The 4C Wing Knob captive screws
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The new 4C Wing Knob captive screws from Southco, Concordville, Pa., can be quickly installed or removed by hand. Their over-molded, distinctively contoured wing-style head design can be used to designate access points through color. The screws make it simple to position sliding components. They come with optional press-in, flare-in, and surface-mount technology for versatility in fastening and unfastening—either by hand or tool—when mounting doors, panels, and other hardware components in applications where space is limited. The fastener features high-strength screws, hardened carbon steel; zinc-plating, and include a strong, 300-series stainless-steel passivated internal spring. A high-heat-resistant plastic knob withstands SMT installation to PC boards during the reflow process.


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