Lewis-Goetz exclusive distributors of Flexion hydraulic hose

Lewis-Goetz, an ERIKS Company, recently announced an exclusive distribution agreement for the Flexion hydraulic hose brand in North America. The partnership allows Lewis-Goetz, which operates under the name ERIKS Industrial Services in Canada, to deliver consistent quality, expertise, and technical support across a wide range of hydraulic hose products and services from nearly 100 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Flexion hosesFlexion hoses offer high-quality engineered fluid connector solutions. While hydraulic systems continuously demand higher working pressures that can come at the cost of hose flexibility, Flexion hoses are designed to meet the best of both worlds by handling 50% more pressure than required by industry standards and providing a superior bending radius over alternative hoses. Flexion hoses also provide increased abrasion and ozone resistances that are 10x better than industry standards.

Jeremy Lloyd, North American product manager for Lewis-Goetz, said that bringing Flexion hoses to the North American market will allow for customized product solutions for customers worldwide.

“Our top priority is working with our customers to meet their unique needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution,” Lloyd said. “The Flexion line allows for product innovation to align with advances in coupling and plating technologies, as well as safe solutions for extreme environmental applications. Our customers’ safety and their needs for innovative solutions are the primary drivers for our continued development and expansion of this important ERIKS brand.”



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