NAHAD Partners with Shale Energy Alliance

NAHAD announced today that it has joined the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA). EEIA is a broad coalition of associations and companies that represents the energy supply chain in advocating for laws and regulations that encourage increased production of crude oil and natural gas from shale. Shale energy production, together with all of the midstream and downstream operations that are driven by it, have become a major market for many NAHAD members.

The shale energy supply chain is made up of sixty different industries, including over 120,000 companies, that together account for over $170 billion of annual sales, and have over 600,000 people employed to serve energy-related customers. Bringing that huge economic force together as a unified political voice has proven effective in moving pro-development energy policy to the front burner in Washington. EEIA’s power in energy debates stems from the fact that the supply chain operates in all fifty states, and not just in the energy producing areas. This helps politicians from non-producing areas of the country understand that supporting energy production helps the economies and workers of their own districts.

EEIA’s current top legislative priorities are repealing the decades-old ban on crude oil exports, and removing federal administrative roadblocks to exporting natural gas in the form of LNG. Success in both areas would drive huge increases in oil and natural gas production, which in turn would result in renewed growth in business for NAHAD members who sell products used in the process of drilling and hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas from shale.

EEIA membership will give NAHAD a resource for keeping our members up to date on the latest developments in energy that will affect your energy markets. EEIA’s President Toby Mack ( is also available to respond personally to NAHAD members who are looking for information on how shale energy development is affecting suppliers, and how to engage with your Members of Congress to urge their support of sound energy policy. More information about EEIA is available at

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